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  1. Zuma 2 (70 599 times)
  2. Street Sesh 3D : Tony Hawk's Pro Skater flash (55 797 times)
  3. Dirtbike Racing (28 060 times)
  4. Thing Thing Arena 2 (27 047 times)
  5. Final Fantasy Sonic X5 RPG (21 394 times)
  6. Territory WAR (18 777 times)
  7. sewer run game (18 552 times)
  8. TGFG Bowling (18 210 times)
  9. Prince Of Persia game (17 503 times)
  10. Slamdunk Anime Game (17 127 times)


  1. Hair Rooney (5 617 times)
  2. The Best Quarterback (5 886 times)
  3. Soccer Memory Tournament (5 877 times)
  4. Bike Rider Shin Chan (6 227 times)
  5. The Greatest Archer (6 453 times)
  6. Penalty Kick Match (5 670 times)
  7. BasketBalls (6 580 times)
  8. Dead Metal (4 697 times)
  9. Mushroom Madness 3 (5 423 times)
  10. Skeleton Launcher (4 590 times)

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  1. TASOS131313 (1 127 plays)
  2. hi guys (1 098 plays)
  3. Mylo (765 plays)
  4. mhusain (717 plays)
  5. scott (609 plays)
  6. Sailde (581 plays)
  7. Henna (458 plays)
  8. Tiger98 (440 plays)
  9. Herta (418 plays)
  10. avatarenoi (381 plays)
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Arcade 7 games > action

Ultimate Flash Sonic game

Ultimate Flash Sonic is completely addicting action game fun.

(Played: 12,884)

mutant massacre

Mutant Massacre Enter a abandoned warehouse full of zombies and blast them a...

(Played: 3,334)

Street fighter  vs Mortal Kombat

An ultimate action fight sequence between Ken and Raiden. Guess who wins!

(Played: 4,854)

Zuma 2

Unearth the ancient secrets of Zuma! Survive the hidden jungle temples... sho...

(Played: 70,599)

Legend Of Zelda

There are two whole worlds to explore: The Light World... Whereas the previ...

(Played: 4,239)

Stick Arena Lite

Hit 'Quick Start' to get right into the action! [Move: Arrow Keys, WASD] [A...

(Played: 5,999)

StarCraft 5 flash action

The best strategy game **Warning this game has high system requirements ...

(Played: 3,026)

Robo Slub 2

Des robots ennemis nous attaquent! Aidez Robo slug a les exterminer! Inst...

(Played: 2,037)

Unreal Flash 2007

Unreal Flash 2007 throws you into an adrenaline junkie's paradise combining ...

(Played: 5,196)

Prison Break - Breakout

Prison Break arcade game where you should Deliver your meal up the stairs. Be...

(Played: 4,257)

Zynex Demo 2 : Time Crisis Arcade

Super shootem'up game smilar to Time Crisis , full of action .

(Played: 6,481)

Fly Plane

Fly your plane while collecting the red dots in this action game

(Played: 736)

Action Driving Game

Drive the BMW to the Eiffel Tower

(Played: 1,241)


Move Steppenwolf through the world in an interactive series of action and log...

(Played: 943)


This is a fast paced action game where you have to collect all the bombs befo...

(Played: 640)

Starcraft Flash Action V2

Play starcraft in this Flash version of the game, deploy the first unit quick...

(Played: 1,022)

Load the lorries with your amazing magnetic forklift truck! Stack everything ...

(Played: 1,120)

1 Will Survive 2

The Kingdom of Rivaros is under great threat! We must fight back and liberate...

(Played: 1,121)

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to an expert bowman like Robin...

(Played: 1,190)

Protect The Fort

Indians are attacking your fort! Use your musket ans stop them.

(Played: 533)

King of Drift

Are you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??

(Played: 973)


Xenon Prime Racing is a spectacular 3D hover-racing game.

(Played: 935)

Sharp Trigger

Inspired by the Call of Duty franchise, Sharp Trigger is an intense shooter g...

(Played: 641)

Pacific Thunder

Pound the enemy to a pulp on the Pacific front!

(Played: 1,508)

Rescue Mission

Shoot the enemies down with awesome weapons and free the kidnapped people!

(Played: 900)

Choose the power and direction you want to fire your ball, try and collect bo...

(Played: 827)


It's extermination time for these ugly buggers.

(Played: 624)

Hostage Crisis!

An explosive shooter where every wall can be blown up and destroyed with a va...

(Played: 762)

The game consists of four disciplines and one of them is locked. You can choo...

(Played: 1,382)

Bouncing balls playtime be

In this game there is a grid of balls that are slowly moving down. You need t...

(Played: 987)