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  1. Zuma 2 (70 870 times)
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  3. Dirtbike Racing (28 373 times)
  4. Thing Thing Arena 2 (27 300 times)
  5. Final Fantasy Sonic X5 RPG (21 598 times)
  6. Territory WAR (18 998 times)
  7. sewer run game (18 757 times)
  8. TGFG Bowling (18 384 times)
  9. Prince Of Persia game (17 630 times)
  10. Slamdunk Anime Game (17 247 times)


  1. Hair Rooney (5 724 times)
  2. The Best Quarterback (6 000 times)
  3. Soccer Memory Tournament (5 990 times)
  4. Bike Rider Shin Chan (6 340 times)
  5. The Greatest Archer (6 576 times)
  6. Penalty Kick Match (5 778 times)
  7. BasketBalls (6 768 times)
  8. Dead Metal (4 834 times)
  9. Mushroom Madness 3 (5 557 times)
  10. Skeleton Launcher (4 702 times)

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Arcade 7 games > Jump Skill Speed

Kill the Pacman

Jump on top of pacman to kill the pacman, stay in mid air to kill as many Pac...

(Played: 649)

Monster Bash

Help Bob Bolt clear the place of the pesky monster by directing Rasper to jum...

(Played: 661)

Rocket Bob

Help Bob to jump from one platform to another using appripriate force and angle

(Played: 636)

The Apprentice

test your skill in 18 challenging business-themed games!

(Played: 814)

Shuriken Assault

Fire Shuriken full speed and never let any Ninja come near you

(Played: 521)

Ultimate Racing

Stay in the track to obtain maximum speed in this car racing game

(Played: 771)

TGFG Race Game

Collect the lightning symbol for accelerated speed

(Played: 1,766)

Penalty Shot Challenge

Test your skill in the Penalty Shot Challenge. Control the striker to score ...

(Played: 1,702)

Ryder Cup Challenge

The Ryder Cup is the biggest Tournament in Golf. Europe and the USA battle it...

(Played: 585)

Pro Zombie Golf

This is not normal golf - it\'s way more fun! Use your skill to kill those p...

(Played: 1,046)


Help your robots to avoid obstacles and traps to get back to the base.

(Played: 712)


Survival running game

(Played: 1,009)

Reach for the Sky

Jump up and reach for the sky. Jump from book to book to get as high as you c...

(Played: 919)

Beach Ballin

Jump off the beach and climb as high as you can by jumping onto beach balls a...

(Played: 1,067)

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to an expert bowman like Robin...

(Played: 1,258)


Shoot the apple on the head of the girl

(Played: 1,030)

Save the Birds 2

Finally, the game save the birds 2 is here for you. Can you shoot foods to th...

(Played: 1,166)

King of Drift

Are you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??

(Played: 1,026)

Dwarf on a Wharf

Throw the dwarfs onto the boat.

(Played: 767)

Dino Blitz

Shoot Dino eggs at the bricks to remove them. Create levels and share with fr...

(Played: 621)

Park My Boat

Park 15 boats in the correct places and avoid the obstacles; aye aye captain!

(Played: 524)

An addictive bubble jumping game. Steer your furry creature into the bubbles ...

(Played: 1,070)

In this game you control a lonely bullet against lot of other enemy bullets. ...

(Played: 1,048)

Space Flight

It's your task to control the spaceship and abduct the creatures.

(Played: 528)

Bubble Hit: Halloween

Burst these bubbles with a haunting pop!

(Played: 1,196)

The game consists of four disciplines and one of them is locked. You can choo...

(Played: 1,438)

Strong man

Instructions: Background You are a stranded marine, with no no chance of surv...

(Played: 550)

Armored Warriors - Escape

Armored Warriors - Escape Armored Warrior is chasing by a bunch of monsters,...

(Played: 1,376)

Armored Warriors -  Metal Slux X

Armored Warriors - Metal Slux X "Full-Life" version This is the special "Ful...

(Played: 8)

Armored Warriors-Lightspeed Runner

Armored Warriors-Lightspeed Runner Armored Warriors must collect gold while ...

(Played: 1,292)